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10 Brands Giving Back : Your Dollar Matters

HANDBAG: Helping End Systematic Racism

MASCARA: Helping Fight Against Adult Illiteracy

NAILS: Supporting Gender Expression & Freedom

SHOES: Helping Families Adopt

WINE: Helping Close The Gender & Race Gap

ACTIVEWEAR: Helping To Stop The Spread

CANDLE: Fighting For Suicide Prevention

CBD: Bettering The Lives & Wellness of WOC

HOME DECOR: Planting Trees For The Future

Also seen in photo: Emuna Kaya Face Pot, Peace Vase, Wall Art, Throw Blanket, etc.

HAIR CARE: Empowering Women & POC

Dig deeper into the brands you put your money in. You have the power to make changes every day with the products you purchase.

Founder of Models Of Color Matter (An organization fighting for the visibility and equity of models of color). Learn more about at

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